Kerry Nelson - Psychic Medium in Wollongong NSW

Kerry Nelson - Psychic Medium in Wollongong NSW

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Welcome to my page, it is lovely to connect with you. 

I am a Psychic Medium, a Lightworker who is passionate and humble to be the voice of Spirit.  I made the choice way before this lifetime that this was to be my life path.  Working with Spirit giving guidance love and healing through messages to those lead to me.  It is a blessing and privilege and  I would not have it any other way.  I may only be a small droplet in this world in making it a better place, but I do by making a difference in my own unique way to lives of people when they  need it the most.   

Mediumship Readings

Mediumship Readings is  connecting you to your loved ones in Spirit. I share the opportunity with you that life continues after we pass giving clear validation from your loved ones in Spirit that they are very much still apart of your life. Knowing their soul lives on in Spirit and is still close helps with the healing process after the immense pain of loss of losing someone we love so much.  I am a healer in many ways taking the edge off the pain with my valuations and love messages. We all still have to go through the process of grief, it is unfortunately apart of life. Without having loved someone we would not have this pain, the reality is grief  is the flip side of love.

I know from my own personal experience having  lost all my immediate family members from my generation up,  no matter how much pain I have had through grief it still does not change the fact that I would do it all again in a blink of an eye to have loved those people and to have had them in my life.  Love is everything, without it in this world lets face it…….  it would not be a nice place.  Through my Mediumship Readings  I am able to share with you that the love between the two worlds never dies.


Psychic Reading is looking into your future.  I  take pride in my Psychic Readings giving clear clarity and confirmation about what I see in your future.   I will not have you walk out with doom and gloom, I do not work that way.   I will not fill your head with things though you want to hear, I pass on what it given to me with integrity and honesty.   The insight I am given by Spirit will help you with clarity and direction with life choices.  These Readings I request no information from you, which I stipulate at the commencement of a Reading. As long as you understand what am saying that is all that matters.  You will have time at the end of each sitting to ask any additional questions.  The Tarot Cards are a Psychic tool I also use conducting a 6 month spread in these Readings.


I have been working professionally as a Psychic Medium for over decade now. Passion is my teaching which I have been doing for several years now,  helping others develop and understand the natural ability we are all born with.  I have taught many students over the years in Sydney and Wagga Wagga that I  have helped and supported into this industry through my training.  I hold fortnightly  Psychic/Medium Development Classes at my studio in Austinmer and also run weekend Workshops throughout the year.  

cert. mster teacher

I am a Certified as a Mediumship & Psychic Spiritual Adviser with Lisa Williams International School of Spiritual Development (LWISSD). In 2015 I spent the year studying and also training in the USA and honoured to be now Certified as a Master Teacher with LWISSD

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I also conduct Private Home Parties or Public  Platform Demonstrations in Clubs throughout Australia. A Platform Demonstration is when a Psychic/Medium will  stand before an audience and pass individual messages  from a loved one in Spirit (Mediumship) or give information about the future (Psychic).   In public demonstration like this you will find a number people are Read throughout the demo.  Durations of my demonstrations usually are for 90min.


Weekend Workshops  Developing your own Psychic/Mediumship ability or learning the Tarot and spreads. Dates and registrations for 2021 now available.

Please feel free to contact me for other questions  contact me.


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By demand now available for 2021  Mentoring Program .


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“I speak from experience when I say that Kerry Nelson is an awesome teacher. She has helped me on my personal journey with spirit and giving me essential tools that have taken me above and beyond in my business. Well worth the investment!” – Erayna G