About Kerry

For as long as I can remember I have had this ability.  My childhood was a very confusing world, feeling different from everyone around me.  From knowing things before it happened to seeing and hearing Spirit.

I am so grateful to have been very loved by my parents who adored me for who I was, although at times I could feel very lost, alone and misunderstood.   With no knowledge of what it all meant I learnt to try to blend in and block out the connection with Spirit to live a normal life as possible.

Many years went by, then on New Year’s Day 2006 my life was never the same with the passing of my beautiful Mother.  Finding the strength to navigate through the initial stages of grief was a quest in itself.  But through those dark times a light started to shine bright as my Mother started to make connection with me from Spirit that I started to question life beyond this one, knowing she was still with me. 

I was then able to let go of all fear and look at death with an open mind.  It became more and more evident that the only thing that dies when we pass is our physical body.  Our soul is an intelligent lifeforce and infinite. The more I educated myself, fascination and determination ignited within me as I started to gain a better understanding of the other world that exists beyond ours. 

I have been so inspired on my journey that this became a natural transition in becoming my life’s path and passion. 

I continued to study Psychic and Mediumship Development.  I have been very blessed along the way to have been taught by some amazing teachers with ethics and values I could relate to.  It wasn’t long on my journey before doors of opportunity started to open for me.  There was no looking back, I left the corporate world behind and became a Professional Psychic Medium.   

That was over 15 years ago and not a day goes by that I am so grateful to be able to do something I am very passionate about, working with Spirit. I could never imagine my life without what I do, as it is a part of me and would not have it any other way.

My journey to now…


I worked as a Reader at The Crystal Shop in Camden.


I lost my amazing husband Gary 7 weeks after being diagnosed with cancer. And 6 months later my adored Father to a sudden heart attack. My world was turned upside down very suddenly and would never be the same. 


I started teaching Psychic/Mediumship Development classes.


Getting cancer myself in 2013 really made me realise how short life can be, so I decided to follow my dream of relocating to the country. 


A new chapter began as I relocated from Sydney to rural NSW, to a property just out of Wagga Wagga. I owned a centre in the heart of town where I conducted private Readings, Platform Presentations and Psychic/Mediumship Development Classes. 

I also toured around with my Platform Demonstrations, Workshops and Expos throughout rural NSW and VIC.  It was an incredible 4 years to say the least. Wagga will always be close to my heart, and the people in it.  I cherish the people that I connected with along the way. 

I have a high volume of clients in Wagga, and since leaving I return once a month to Read there.  My monthly visits are booked out months in advance, so if you’re interested in booking a session, please contact me to organise.

2018 – Present

Family commitments brought new changes, I relocated to Austinmer – a seaside suburb north of Wollongong.  Here I have a studio surrounded by nature, up on the escarpment rainforest where I conduct my Readings -either one on one, or remote via Phone / FaceTime / Zoom/ or Skype calls.

Psychic/Medium Develpment classes available Thirroul Community Centre, Monday evenings (fortnightly) per school term.

I also travel to the Riverina once a month for Private Readings for the community of Wagga.