Psychic/Mediumship Development Circle

Monday Evening fortnightly classes – Austinmer


Being drawn to this page is not by chance, everything is for a reason, just as life has a flow.

We all have this natural ability, but the more you develop through classes the more you understand and strengthen your ability, it then becomes a gift. These Circles are about reaching to your own individual potentual through dedication, time and trust.

Starting development classes is for many different reasons.  Whether for your own personal growth, interest or wishing to become professional. For you to be Reading this right now there is no right or wrong, follow your intuition for what you are guided the rest will fall into place, it always does.

I have been teaching Psychic/Mediumship Development since 2011.  With hundreds of students through my Circles, Workshops and Mentoring Program.  I have helped many students for their own personal growth and others to launch into their careers as Psychic Mediums.  The choice is yours.  

The structure is aimed at developing Mediumship abilities and also many forms of Psychic techniques. There is no right or wrong, it is a personal journey. Whether you’re a beginner learning to understand the communication received from Spirit or intermediate to advanced building and strengthening on your ability. Working on your senses with fun exercise to enhance the process, while building the trust with Spirit.   

You will meet likeminded people in a supportive environment with a fully qualified and certified teacher in this field. All new students will go through an interview process. The teacher has the right to determine if you are suited to sit in the circle.

All students that sit in Circle have respect for Spirit, the teacher and each class member. Anyone who does not respect others in class will be removed.


Term 4 2024

Where: Austinmer Studio

Commencing: Term
4 2024
Monday 14th October

Time: 6.30pm-8.30pm
Cost:  $250.00

5 x Fortnightly Classes held per school term.

14th October, 28th October, 11th November, 25th November and 2nd December.

$100 non refundable deposit required on registration. Final amount $150 first night of class.

Note: There is no discount for not attending a session.

To enrol in this class: