Platform Presentations

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    About the Platform Presentations

    Platform Presentations are a unique opportunity to be a part of the audience as Kerry demonstrates how natural it is to connect the two worlds as one.  

    Platform presentations are a small or large group audience whether a home party or club.  The group experience is a great way to understand how a Psychic/Medium receives messages as audience members are Read.  It gives a great insight into understanding how Spirit forms a link with the messages brought through from your loved ones or Psychic relaying information about your future.

    It’s a pleasure to be able to give validation and life evidence along with the heartfelt messages your loved ones in Spirit bring through. With ultimate surrendering to Spirit, I am able to achieve this. Being the Medium I am the messenger for Spirit, I look at myself as “the healer” as I bring peace and comfort knowing our loved ones are very much still a part of our lives.