7th of November @ 2pm

@ Wollongong Spiritual Church, 2 Hercules Street, Wollongong



Unique opportunity to be apart of the audience as Kerry demonstrates how natural it is to connect the two worlds as one as she delivers messages from your loved ones in Spirit.  

Platform presentations are being apart of a small or large group audience and experiencing first hand the way Spirit forms a link in a presentation with the messages brought through from your loved ones or Psychic Style.
It gives me utmost pleasure to be able to give validation and life evidence with the heartfelt messages our loved ones in Spirit bring through. With my ultimate surrendering to Spirit I am able to achieve this. Being the Medium I am just the messenger for Spirit, I look at myself as “the healer” as I bring peace and comfort knowing our loved ones are very much still apart of our lives.


Home Parties:
Great way to get a group of friends/family together in the comfort of your home. And great for Hen’s nights or Birthday Celebrations.
Mediumship Party
Enjoy a platform style presentation reconnecting with loved ones who have passed over.
Have a few tears and laughs along the way when I pass on messages from loved ones in the Spirit World.
Medium Gatherings: 1.5 hrs – 2hrs
Min 8 – Max 12
Not all will be Read when over 12 persons
All Gatherings
No Video taping and No Children
I have the right to ask anyone who is heavily intoxicated to vacate the premises.
Tarot Party
If you need a little clarity or direction in your life then perhaps Tarot Party is more of what you have in mind. Tarot is also conducted in a platform style presentation, helping you to look at the choices in your life to be able to get a clearer direction.
Please note: If I feel a message should be kept private I will use my utmost discretion in doing so.
Tarot Gathering: 1.5hrs–2.0 hrs
Minimum 8 – Max 12 people

Not all will be Read when over 12 persons
No Video taping and No Children
I have the right to NOT Read anyone who is heavily influenced by alcohol or drugs.


If your having  an event and wish to add something different,  Sharon and myself are available for hire for that special occasion.  

It is unique to have two Psychic Mediums with years of experience in their field that will cater for your needs in any situation.   

For costing please call one of the numbers below, we can cater for what you require on your special day.