April 2012

What a very busy Month of April it has been not to mention amazing. I was very honoured to be approached by Alive 90.5fm for an interview on the new upcoming web series Ghost of Oz which is about many popular unknown Australian Paranormal stories, locations, events and news in its series. It was a wonderful experience and a great way to reach a wider scale audience with my work and research  on Spirit Photography.

Development Circle for Term 2 is up and running.  I am so blessed with the students that have been drawn to me.  I have a passion for teaching and love watching my students develop in their own unique ways.

The Crystal Shop had its grand opening of the Mind, Body and Spirit Wellness Centre the last weekend in April.  Such a successful weekend to say the least  Fay Dean the owner of The Crystal Shop worked hard to make her dream into reality.  She deserves all the success that is coming.

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