June 2020

A lot of us have experienced of late shifts happening within our lives as we continue to awaken. The stillness of the past few months has also given us time to reflect and think of what really matters. I call it a realignment, a reset of our lives so to speak. I follow my intuition with all I do in life, I don’t second guess I just trust Spirit with their guidance and know/trust everything will fall into place. If your feeling the shift don’t let fear self-sabotage your thoughts, try to be open to change. When we except and allow it is amazing where it can take you.
Today was one of those decisions as I handed in my notice at The Crystal Shop in Camden. I wish to thank the thousands of clients that had Readings with me while at the shop between 2009-2014 and on my return in 2018-2020. I enjoyed the 9 years in total to have the honor to serve Spirit for you in the shop’s beautiful energy. Total gratitude to each and every one of you, as without your faith and support I would not do what I do. I wish to thank from the bottom of my heart Fay the owner and Elise for the wonderful experience and utmost belief in my work as a Reader at the shop from the very start of my journey in 2009 when I became Professional Psychic Medium. It has been an incredible journey and one I will look back with beautiful and fond memories.

I embrace the new beginnings ahead and have total trust in my decision today. Spirit has always enriched me with incredible experiences working with them in my lifetime to date. I could never imagine my life not doing what I do. I have a lot of exciting changes opening up already for me.

I will continue to serve Spirit as a Psychic Medium/Reader/Teacher/Mentor

**2 Locations**

Private Readings/Skype/Phone/FaceTime

Austinmer Studio: Monday-Saturday – 9am-3pm
(Afterhours available upon request)

Wagga Wagga: 3rd Friday and Saturday Monthly
(Note: I am booked out until August in Wagga)

Psychic/Mediumship Development Classes returning Term 3 on 22nd July

Mentoring Program will be offered coming up as well

I have also teamed up with another incredible Medium to offer hiring at events

Looking forward also returning to the Rural Towns that I have been in the past with my Platform Demonstrations 

Workshops coming soon here and overseas

I look forward to the new beginnings ahead and thank each and everyone of you for your continued support

Love and Light
Kerry x

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