August News

It was devastating news to learn we lost our beloved Studley Park Tours. For me on a personal level the last 10 months has certainly been filled with mourning  and change.  With the passing of my husband Gary, followed 6 months later by the sudden passing of my Father, it hasn’t been easy.  It is now that the dark clouds of loss are lifting that I see how much I have changed within myself with the news of Studley.

Yes it hurts but in the end we all still get by. Unfortunately there is a lesson in everything in life especially the ones that give us the most pain, they bring the greatest lessons of all.  It is so important in life when you are happy to embrace and enjoy the moment.  That is something I certainly did not deny with the tours, I loved each and every one of them with a passion.

I have my utmost faith in Spirit with what the future brings as I know everything happens for a reason. Life is full of things being taken away but it always is brought back three times greater it you have trust and keep positive. Spirit is always bringing opportunity, it’s all about following what feels right and you can never go wrong.

At the end of the day everything is replaceable except family… LOVE the special people around you, this is all that matters.

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