September News

I have been blessed in my profession that over the years I have been taught, worked and associated with the most amazing Mediums, Psychics and Healers. A  Reading last week brought reality to me.

Spirit guided to me a lovely young woman, she was the new mum to a daughter and also had young son. This petrified young lady had come to me to clarify what a so called Psychic had told her. To cut a long story short she was told that her son was going to die as there were evil spirits around him and waiting to take him over and kill him. But wait for it …… she could help and stop her son dying it if she payed a further $1,200.00 to the so called Psychic by a certain date. This poor young woman had spent the last few weeks in mental torment and had not slept in days as the deadline for the money was drawing close. It angered and now saddens me to think there are people out there who could do such things to others.

Thank you Spirit for all the amazing people who work with you and the ones I have been so blessed to know. We can not change the world but we will always work with the highest integrity and make a difference to the ones you send.

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